Sunset  Marina
Siemenswerderweg 42
13595 Berlin

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Meetings, Workshops and Seminars

Houseboat Workshops

Meetings, Workshops & Seminare


Be creative, inspired and even more productive in the middle of nature: rent our luxury houseboat for meetings, workshops and seminars. On Berlin’s one of a kind houseboat your creativity can flow freely; your business meeting will also be an entirely new and unique experience. Quietly located in Berlin on the shores of the Pichelswerder Lake our houseboat provides optimal working conditions and stunning views of the surrounding nature.


We provide world-class service and take care of all your needs so you can fully commit to your work while we ensure the event runs smoothly and all your needs and expectations are met in this unique setting. We take care of the organization and carrying out of your meetings, workshops or seminars ensuring our customers are satisfied from the moment of arrival till their departure.


Treat yourself, colleagues, customers or business partners to a very different and exclusive setting and experience how productive it can be to work in beautiful nature like the one surrounding the houseboat. You will quickly discover the pleasure of recharging your batteries all while conducting business and that the pleasant environment motivates and contributes to your productivity.


Meet with our highy competent team of employees for a personal consultation and discover the variety of amenities and services we can offer here in Berlin on our luxury houseboat. For example, end a successful business meeting with the special event of a boat tour on the Spree, enjoying in a relaxed atmosphere the luxury and style of the houseboat!